Amcrest WiFi Smart Plug (AH357)

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Amcrest WiFi Smart Plug (AH357)


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The Amcrest WiFi Smart Plug turns your iPhone or Android into a home remote you can use with the Amcrest Connect app to turn your electronics on or off from anywhere! Use it with your TV, computer, reading light, or any other electronic you choose! Set a schedule on any device to save energy and money. Now, you have the simplest method to implement home automation without outrageous installation fees, monthly subscriptions, contracts, or unnecessary equipment. With the WiFi Smart Plug, you can hold your home in your hands.

Remote & Wireless Control / Smart Charging & Energy Saving / Automatic Scheduling / Customer Shutdown Timers / Plug-and-Play with Wi-Fi Direct Support / Wi-Fi Range Extending Function


  • Remote/Wireless access to devices so you can control them anywhere and anytime with the Amcrest Connect app
  • Plug-and-Play set-up with Wi-Fi Direct so you can get started immediately without complex configuration
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Mode so you can strengthen and extend the wireless signal in your home or office
  • Automatic Intelligent Charging Protection so you can preserve your smartphone's battery life from degrading
  • Scheduled Tasks and Shutdown Timer Utilities so you can customize your control over your devices
  • Unlimited capacity for devices on the Amcrest Connect app so you can control however many devices you want
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UPC : 854509005789

Remote/Wireless Control

Nowadays, you shouldn’t have to be home or at work to manage your electronics. With the Amcrest Wi-Fi Smart Plug, you have the ability to stay smart and in control from anywhere in the world. Using our new Amcrest Connect app, you can save time, money, and energy like never before!


Plug-and-Play Set-up

Tired of choking down instructions from boring, old user manuals in order to setup your network devices? Using a product like this should be fun and easy and, with the Wi-Fi Smart Plug, we make that possible. Simply take advantage of the Wi-Fi Direct feature and start using your Smart Plug within your home or office right away!


Enhanced Wi-Fi Mode/Range Extender & Relay

The Smart Plug is more than just powerful, it’s practical. This plug has the advanced function of being able to relay and increase your wireless signal around the house. Now, you can be in control while you a enjoy stronger, more stable connection on your favorite tablets, smartphones, or any other Wi-Fi enabled devices! The Smart Plug doesn’t just use your wireless signal, it enhances it.


Automatic Intelligent Charging Protection

Are you tired of getting an expensive new smartphone and watching, helplessly, as its battery life decreases day by day? When you plug in to charge at night, your smartphone overheats from the excess electricity after it reaches full battery. The Wi-Fi Smart Plug stops sending a charge when your battery is full, so you can enjoy longer-lasting battery life every day. Your smartphone deserves a smart charge.

Scheduled Tasks & Shutdown Timers

The Amcrest Connect app allows you to configure multiple custom tasks on a specific schedule so your devices can come on and off automatically. You can even set shutdown timers for when you need something run for only a set amount of time longer before it can go off, like a swamp cooler as you fall asleep. When using Amcrest Connect with the Smart Plug, the “Smart” doesn't end at the plug.

Unlimited Control of Your Assets

The capacity of the Amcrest Connect app ends at the sky. The more you enjoy gaining control over your devices, the more Smart Plugs you can add to your home or office. There is no limit to how many devices you can add to your device list and, therefore, no limit to the amount of control you can have.

Shipping, Warranty, & Support

When you purchase directly from Amcrest you are not only purchasing a product, but also the value-added service of same-day shipping from our US based warehouse. We have a 30-day money back return policy and a warranty replacement process all based out of the US. If you need help, click our Support Tab to gain access to step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and our community support forums. And if you still need additional assistance, feel free to call or email our technical support team. We’re happy when you’re happy!

  • 1 x Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • User Manual & Quick Start Guide
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