Do you feel that your home is safe enough for you and your family? Do you go to sleep knowing that if any potential threats were to encroach on your home, you’d know? If you were to ward off an attack from an intruder, could you then pull up an image of their face to bring them to justice? Crime occurs everywhere we reside, and no city is completely safe from it all. No neighborhood is immune to criminal activity, so every home should have a form of protection.


Business owners have a lot of trust in the area they chose to place their business if they lock up without a security system. Again, no area is immune to criminal activity, and you would hate to come to work one day and see all of your items missing.


It can be pricey to invest in a new, high-end security system. Luckily, Amcrest offers fantastic security camera systems for anyone looking to protect the important things in life.


Home Security Camera Systems


A home is where the heart is. So, your home will most likely have your family filling the halls with laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. Pictures all along the walls that remind you every day that they need to be protected. If an intruder comes in while a family is gone, it can be a long time before the house feels like a home again. The only thing worse would be if an intruder came in while your family is home. You will only have seconds to react.


With the home security camera systems offered by Amcrest, you could use your cameras placed around the home to monitor and see the danger coming from afar. With these cameras, you can wirelessly monitor your home and its surroundings. They will be transmitting a live feed from up to 984 ft. away. If it is a rainy night, there’s no need to fear the cameras being damaged. The security camera system is waterproof and will continue watching out for you through the downpour.


The same goes for businesses looking for some protection. You can look at the 1080p HD feed coming from the cameras on your smartphone or the monitor you have connected the hard drive to. Installing this home security system is easy and doesn’t require any difficult wiring or tinkering with the network access. It’s all done wirelessly and the cameras sync to the hard drive without any hard work on your end.


When it gets dark, the night vision within the cameras will continue scanning for threats. If the camera detects any movement or any situations it sees as strange, it will take an automatic screenshot of it and store it on its 1TB hard drive. The 1TB hard drive comes along with the four cameras within the home security camera systems. There is an option to receive a 2TB hard drive, but the package including eight cameras would need to be purchased. It’s up to you to determine how much security you feel you need, but you can be sure that Amcrest will have you covered.