Everyone can agree that being everywhere at once is impossible, but what if keeping an eye on everything at once could actually be possible? Homes are large and waiting for disasters to happen. Whether it be from kids rough housing, or from strangers looking to forcibly enter, a home should be protected at all times. Unfortunately, we can’t always be home to keep things safe and secure. People tend to leave things to chance and hope for the best. Some leave their homes and expect to come back to things exactly as they were, but they aren’t. In the modern times that we’re in, crime can happen at almost any given moment.


With that being said, how can you periodically check in at home without needing to call? There are ways to have video calls through Facetime and Skype, but they aren’t as clear as we’ve grown accustomed to through our crystal clear televisions. Also, how would you check on the status of your home when no one is there?


The Answer


Wireless IP cameras from Amcrest make staying updated on conditions at home easier than ever. Having a great view of your home and your family in 1080p is much better than using any other form of video calling. The Wireless IP cameras have two-way audio communication, so there is no need to use any other device other than your phone and the application used for the cameras. Enjoy never missing a moment with your family while at work, thanks to the Wi-Fi connection used to link the two cameras. You will have a wide90-degree view of your home.


Checking up using the streaming capabilities of the camera isn’t only for when your family is around. It can be used to check on your house while you’re all away, even at night. The camera comes equipped with night vision for up to 32 ft. wherever a camera is, as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to stream and view whatever the camera sees. If you left a camera at your office, so your family can see you too when you’re checking up on them, you can then use it to make sure your office space is being kept just how you left it.


For those times that you’re away from home, but you still wish to monitor the space, there are four hours worth of space available for you in the cloud, free of charge. To know when you should pay attention to the video being monitored, motion detection sensors will trigger alerts through the app and warn you of any intruders.


To add more room for storing footage and screenshots, installing a micro-SD card into the open slot. The setup involving the cameras and the Wi-Fi doesn’t take more than 60 seconds for almost any iOS or Android device.


With these cameras, keeping in touch with your family throughout the day is much easier and more enjoyable.