If you take the safety of the important people and things in your life seriously, then you undoubtedly protect them to the best of your ability. It is human nature to protect that in which we love, but spending large amounts of money for the installation of security systems isn’t the only option available for those looking to add an extra level of safety. With the installation of numerous security cameras comes the need for wiring that shouldn’t need to be placed throughout the home in the first place. Each camera will require a feed to one monitor, or maybe even multiple monitors that will take up space within the home.


A total stranger would need to be able to move freely throughout your home, and then charge you an installation fee and set up a month subscription plan. All of it isn’t needed with the advancements in modern technology.


Wireless Security Cameras


There is an affordable and less complicated way to protect your home. Having a view of the surrounds of your home will keep you updated on any potential danger, but imagine having such cameras with no wiring needed. No need to hassle with wiring, only the placement and setup of the equipment is required (Amcrest).


With the ability to transmit its feed for up to 300 meters, you won’t have to worry about losing connection to the camera within the home. The camera is also waterproof, so if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, this camera will stand up to some of the worst storms. When the night falls, the LED night vision technology will be the light the dark. Matched with its motion detection technology, it will take screen shots of any suspicious activity and store them to the cloud. The camera has a micro-SD slot, so adding one would increase the amount of storage for screenshots and video clips.


When browsing for our 7-inch wireless security camera, there is an option to purchase a security camera that is accompanied with a 7-inch touch touch-screen monitor for easy viewing of anything the camera has captured. This tablet comes preinstalled with the application to see the current feed,as well as previously captured footage and screenshots. This package is up for grabs, for $219.99.The simplicity of the monitor will be easy enough for any member of your household to use the item. You can see from the perspective of up to four cameras at one time. Whenever you feel the need to check on your office or your family at home, you have the ability to, through an Android or Apple phone, as well as a Macbook or PC.


Take the first step in protecting your family against intruders. Have a vigilant eye tracking any potential danger and sleep easier at night knowing if something does occur, you’ll know in advance. With these cameras, you can have more time to be prepared for whatever may come.